Aim of the cutting process: green feed plants can be cut to precisely the size you want; harvesting can be completed with minimum loss and optimum speed. This is how the sickle moves to perform the cutting. During this process, the working length is 76.2 mm for long guard and 50.8 mm for short guard. The machine’s cutting can change according to different types of plants. The guards have been hot forged. Even if the Baran sickle bar mower with its modern and well-designed construction, is used for many years ,it still guarantees perfect performance. The Baran sickle bar mower is a three-point linkage mower attached to the lower links and to the upper link bracket of the tractor. An efficient cut can be applied for cutting lentils, chickpeas, trefoil and meadow with this machine. It offers the following advantages:

-        Cleaner cutting and the crop doesn’t get broken by this machine. The machinery mows the crops without spoiling.

-        Feed plant doesn’t get dirty with this machine.

-        An automatic system prevents failures occurring if some unexpected hits happen during the cuting process. It Works without vibration.

-        The machinery works with high capacity and at high speed.



CB 05 P

185 cm

175 cm

Overall length of machine in cutting position

3120 mm

3000 mm

Overall length of machine in park position

1370 mm

1300 mm

Overall width of machine in park position

900 mm

830 mm

Height of machine in park position

1930 mm

1840 mm

Height of chassis

600 mm

500 mm

Working length


1800 mm

1700 mm

Net weight


195 kg

200 kg

Speed of machine in working condition is

540  rev/min

540 rev/min

Work capacity

10-13 da/h

10-12 da/h

Tractor speed should be

8-10 km/h

7-9 km/h